A melting pot of cultural influences;  full of nostalgic whims where nature meets structure, novelty meets  tradition, and people meet people.  That’s the Amsterdam way of life; the inspiration for LILIÓ’s collection for the 2017 winter season. Each LiLiÓ accessory is  a statement of pure, unadulterated freedom.

Our hand painted artworks are both familiar as a warm blanket and excitingly innovative. Just as the city of Amsterdam is a blueprint of history as well as a modern metropolis where novelties are celebrated.

LILIÓ’s creative laboratory is surrounded by a maze of canals and facades. The rich history of the city; marked by the sea, trade and a never-ending trail of new faces; is reflected in the quirks of everyday life. Take for example the exciting mix of architectural influences, from Art Deco to the Amsterdam School and Modernism. Or what about the local artscene, which has earned world fame in its centuries of breaking artistic ground. Or the flora and fauna of a city situated where a river delta meets the sea. One by one endless sources of inspiration.  

LILIÓ’s team has a tendency to translate everyday treasures to little works of art, reflected in the gorgeous prints that determine the signature of our brand. Three handmade artworks are the three chapters of this season’s collection, each inspired by a different element of the Amsterdam life. Experience it for yourself and let yourself be transported! You won’t want to go home any time soon. 



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