Leontine Hagoort is LILIÓ’s creative professor: a lover of color and print, but most of all an expert of the women’s accessory. Since the birth of the brand, Leontine has has a hand in shaping LILIÓ Amsterdam. Her signature as a designer is woven into the DNA of the label.

Leontine has worked as an accessory designer for a number of brands. After a successful run at Esprit, she started working for the Dutch fashion house Oilily in 1997, where she was asked to design the accessory line of the brand. For a number of years, Leontine was in charge of the creation of one successful collection after the next. Guided by Oilily founder Marieke Olsthoorn, Leontine and her team were challenged to add a new contribution to Marieke’s famed heritage. It resulted in a fruitful collaboration which has never stopped exciting the hearts of many.  

Now, she opens the doors of LILIÓ’s lab each morning: insert quote



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